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3545 Mix Fluffer - Bale Processors

KASE Model #3545 Mix Fluffers are designed to mount to the top of the Model #4300 or on the 4200 series Soil Conveyors. These can be mounted on any length unit but are generally on the 12ft, 18ft or the 24ft units. They are designed to take the compacted and compressed peat and soil-less peat mixes and process them by fluffing and adding moisture to the mix to prepare your potting mix for planting. These machines are designed and built with rotating steel tines will break up the peat moss and produces a good product for further processing.

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*Conveyor not included


  • Mounts on Kase 4300 Series Conveyor (as shown)
  • Includes Feed Hopper with Grate
  • Completely enclosed for safe operation
  • Adds moisture to mix
  • Designed for soilless mix
  • Greater fluff for better filling


Motor Loads1PH/115V1PH/230V3PH/230V
#354517 Amps10 Amps5 Amp
#431514 Amps7 Amps4 Amp

As a combination unit, these units include the Soil Conveyor and the larger hopper with a grate to receive the bale. The Fluffer has an electric operated water control solenoid will automatically operate to add moisture when soil mix is going thru the Fluffer. The moisture is added uniformly throughout the mix. The Soil Conveyor includes a stand set at the 22-degree angle of incline for proper mixing and fluffing of the mix. The unit also includes a cover past the Fluffer fitted to the conveyor to enclose the unit and keep it safe to operate. Since we are adding moisture, we have also added a belt wiper to keep the soil belt clean and prevent material carry back.

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