The Kase B-Line automates the filling of pots or flats with soil media, increasing your productivity and reducing labor costs. The B-Line supports containers sizes up to 18” wide and 11” tall, and it is ideal for peat moss-based soils. The operating controls are simple, and a wide range of options are available to tailor the machine to your operating environment.


  • Easy to operate
  • Advanced soil feeding for greater capacity
  • Variable filling speed to match your production requirements (up to 1,200 common size flats per hour)
  • Quick adjust for change out of containers
  • Versatile, fill flats, pots and baskets
  • Recycles and reuses excess potting media
  • Steep slopes on hopper for better soil feeding
  • Hopper Capacity: Standard 1.5 cu. yards
  • Production Capacity: Flats up to 18 in. wide, Containers up to 11 in. tall
  • Customize to fit your needs

The Kase B-Line Filler is designed with a formed steel base, an inclined soil drag chain conveyor with quiet UHMW paddles, and a welded steel hopper body. The hopper holds a generous 1.5-cubic yards of soil media, and it can be filled via a Kase Gobbler Large Bale Processor, front end loader or Kase Soil Conveyor.

An adjustable slide gate controls the amount of soil carried by the drag chain. Soil is evenly dispensed from the elevated end of the drag chain into the containers below, with the steady flow of soil providing even compaction. The discharge opening can be adjusted to match the container width. Tray belt rails are easily adjusted whenever you choose to change the size of containers being filled.

The B-Line control box is mounted in a convenient, ergonomic location. Controls include variable speed control of the tray belt, on/off for the drag chain, and an emergency stop switch. An emergency stop button is also placed on the opposite side of the machine near the end of the tray belt. Optional automatic controls may be incorporated to interface with other automated equipment, such as a Kase Transplant Conveyor.

A wide roller area at the end of the tray belt allows excess soil from the filled containers to drop back into the hopper, where it is recycled onto the drag chain.

5343 B-Line Filler | Kase Conveyors


Model Number 5343 Standard
Length 9′-6″
Width 6′-0″
Height 5′-2″
Hopper Capacity Standard 1.5 Yards
Production Capacity

Flats up to 18″ Wide

Containers up to 16″ Tall

Electrical 1-Phase, 230-Volt 20 AMP
Optional Features

Pneumatic Wheel & Towing

Casters – Swivel & Rigid

Pneumatic Flat/Pot Cleaner

Power Take-Off Rollers

Vibrator for Tray Belt

Variable Speed Soil Chain