The Kase Mix Line is a made to order application which combines the 4316 Soil Conveyor with standard Kase products. The series of Kase machines efficiently work together to provide the specific characteristics desired in your soil mix.

Your Mix Line may be fed by a Kase Bale Processor (the 3561 Gobbler or 3538 Small Bale Processor) to decompress peat bales or it may be fed by a 3400 Series Kase Mixer. The soil would discharge into the 1 cu. yd. hopper of a 1710 Surge Feeder, the first component of the Mix Line, mounted on a 4316 Soil Conveyor. The Soil Conveyor utilizes a 16”wide smooth belt and is manufactured to your preferred length.

The next component of the Mix Line is one or more Kase 1322 Fertilizer Feeders. Each Fertilizer Feeder includes a 4.5 cu. ft. stainless steel hopper to hold one type of granular soil amendment, such as a fertilizer, perlite, or any dry chemical. The gate opening on the Fertilizer Feeder may be adjusted to discharge the correct poundage of amendment to match your belt speed. The amendment is discharged onto the soil as it is conveyed under the Feeder.

A 3545 Mix Fluffer is recommended as the final machine in the Mix line. Mounted on the Soil Conveyor, the Mix Fluffer uses rotating steel tines to break up the peat, lifting and combining the soil and amendments into a uniform mix. An electric operated water control solenoid automatically and uniformly adds moisture to your soil mix, preparing it for discharge from the Soil Coneyor into your Kase 5343 B-Line or 5661 N-Line Filler. A belt wiper keeps the soil belt clean and prevents material carry back.

The standard Mix Line includes a 22-degree angle of incline stand for proper mixing and fluffing of the soil.  Your Mix Line may include other custom options, including an overhead conveyor, integrated controls, sensors and indicator lights, to meet your production needs.

  • 16” Belt Width Soil Conveyor or Overhead Conveyor
  • Made to order length and height
  • Surge Hopper capacity of 1 cu. yd.
  • As many Fertilizer Feeders as needed per application
  • Feeders feature corrosion resistant 4.5 cu. ft. Stainless Steel hopper
  • As many discharge outlets as needed per application
  • Fully adjustable pneumatic discharge gate(s)
  • Discharge attachments and other options available
  • Fully integrated control system available