The 3.8 cu. ft. Bale Processor is modeled after the larger Kase Gobbler, allowing you to easily break up and fluff compressed peat. It utilizes the same heavy duty drag bars, high RPM fluffer screw and variable rate water dispensing, and it is easily controlled with a simple ON/ OFF switch. Discharge your processed media directly into pots or an existing Kase Filler, Mixer or 4300 Soil Conveyor to create a production line. Caster and control options are available.

  • Feed 3-5 Bales at a time
  • Simple on/off control
  • Built-in bale table to cut off plastic and push bale into the machine
  • Fully enclosed unit to reduce dust
  • Feed directly into Kase Flat Filler, Mixer or Soil Conveyor
  • Available in 110V or 230V electrical
  • Easy clean out and minimal maintenance
  • Wheel options available


Specs 3538 Small Bale Processor
Width 48″
Length 139″
Height 87″
Discharge 11″ Sq.
Power Requirements 115/230V
Phase Type Single Phase