The Kase 4821 Overhead Soil Conveyor is a great option for space-saving soil production operation.  These conveyors are designed to be elevated and out of the way, allowing you to work underneath them. You may fill your single or multiple production line Kase Fillers from a single overhead soil source, saving valuable floor space.  These conveyors can be configured with many options to meet your specific needs. 

  • Center soil positioning inlet
  • Center position drive roller for single direction or reversible applications
  • No limit on length or height
  • As many discharge outlets as needed per application
  • Fully adjustable pneumatic discharge gate(s)
  • Discharge attachments and other options available
  • Fully integrated control system available


Model Number 4800
Width 18″ Wide, Smooth Belt
Length Made to Order
Height Made to Order
Discharge Single or Multiple Discharges
PowerMade to Order Made to Order