Horticulture Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Since 1982, Kase Horticulture has engineered and manufactured quality products for the horticulture bulk material handling industry. Our vast capabilities and quality products make Kase Horticulture the clear choice. We specialize in converting your material handling problems into realistic and cost-effective solutions. Count on Kase.

3561 Gobbler (Large Bale Processor) | Kase Conveyors

Processing Equipment

Use Kase Processing equipment to automate bale processing, eliminating labor costs, saving time and providing a uniform mix.

Mixing Equipment | Kase Conveyors

Mixing Equipment

Kase Mixing Equipment offers rapid, complete and uniform mixing of your soil media.

Overhead Conveyor | Kase Conveyors

Conveying Equipment

Kase conveying options will provide your nursery or greenhouse efficient methods of moving loose or packaged product.

5661 N-Line Filler | Kase Conveyors

Filling Equipment

Machines to automate the filling of your pots, flats, or other containers, reducing manual labor and increasing your efficiency.