The Kase Water Tunnel is used to moisten material that is already planted in flats, pots, hanging baskets or other containers. A spray manifold with four spray nozzles is mounted along the top of the 48″ long, enclosed stainless-steel tunnel. Containers are moved through the tunnel on an open mesh polyethylene conveying belt.

The variable speed rate of the conveyor is operator controlled. Nozzles may be rotated to distribute the width of the spray to match containers, and they may be changed out to provide more water flow or less water flow. Drip pans collect excess water and soil media. Automate your production line with a Kase Water Tunnel.


  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Quad spray heads with a variety of nozzle sizes available
  • Stainless slide racks
  • Plastic end sheets contain the water spray
  • Adjustable legs can be set to match the height of your other equipment.
  • Optional electronic control of water spray
  • Variable drive speed
2211 Water Tunnel | Kase Conveyors


Model No.2211
Belt Width12″
Maximum Flat Width16″
Adjustable Height of Conveyor24″-36″
Overall Height of Unit4′
Drive Variable Speed DCYes”
Belt Speed3-30 FPM
Standard Spray Nozzles8 GPM
Electrical Requirement1PH / 120 Volt / 3FLA
Belt Width10″