The Kase 5810 Main Line Filling machine was designed for those operations requiring a high capacity, efficient unit that can handle all types of potting media. This machine is a workhorse and features a large hopper design, holding 4 cu. yds. of potting media. This size hopper is ideal for filling with a front-end loader or from an overhead conveyor. Filling the hopper from a Kase 3423 2-Yard Mixer or 3442 4-Yard Mixer frees the mixer to blend another batch of soil. Use the Main Line Filler as a stand-alone unit or incorporate it into an existing or future production line.



  • Simple design for self-contained filling
  • Use with all types of media
  • Fully adjustable speed control allows you to manage production speed
  • Versatility to fill flats, pots, baskets
  • Self-contained, recycles excess potting media
  • Adjustable soil flow
  • Production capacity is suitable for flats to large containers
  • Flats up to 22” wide, containers up to 19” tall
  • Wide tray belt allows flats to be laid across the belt, increasing capacity
  • Conveyor length of 22’ provides ample container workspace  
  • Optional supports, automated operation
  • Heavy duty for years of service


Model No. 5810
Length 22′-1″
Width 5′-8″
Hopper Size 8′-5″ x 4 x 2′-8″
Hopper Capacity 4 cu. Yards
Production Capacity Containers/Flats up to 19″ tall and 22″ wide
Electrical Single Phase, 230 Volt; Three Phase- 230 Volt/460 Volt
Options Various Supports, Automated Controls


The Main Line Filler consists of a large upper feeder hopper which discharges the soil mix onto a lower tray belt conveyor. Containers are carried on the tray belt under the flow of material.

This machine can fill a wide variety of containers at a high rate of production, and it will handle the heavier bark mixes. Its production rate is limited by the human element of putting on and removing containers from the machine.

The power auger/brush assembly sweeps excess soil off the top of the filled container, which is especially ideal for flats. Excess soil falls onto the belt and then into the return screw and inclined conveyor, recycling the material into the upper hopper.

The lower belt’s variable speed drive allows adjustment to meet your preferred production rate. The feeder hopper, which drops the mix onto the lower conveyor is also variable speed, allowing for complete versatility in production speeds.

This machine is ideal for high production facilities that demand an efficient machine to fill a wide range of container sizes.