The Gobbler is designed to process large compressed bales (as well as smaller bales) into fluffed and moistened potting soil. It is constructed with a hopper the full length of an inclined live bottom conveyor. The bale is loaded onto the hydraulic lift gate platform and then raised into position. A heavy-duty drag chain breaks up the bale as it moves media on the inclined slider bed. A gathering auger fluffs and automatically adds water (at your chosen rate) prior to discharging a ready to use media.

The central discharge is at 42″ clearance from the floor. The Gobbler may utilize basic stop/start controls or automated sensors to integrate with other processing equipment. Your processed media may be discharged directly into Kase Fillers or Kase Soil Conveyors.

3561 Gobbler Large Bale Processor

  • Processes 4′ x 4′ x 8′ or up to 135 cu. ft. (3.8 cu. m.) compressed bales
  • Production rate up to 75 cu. yd. (57 cu. m.) per hour
  • Hydraulic lift gate platform to load via forklift or pallet jack
  • Various bale capacity to match your production requirements
  • Uniform fluffing producing consistent media
  • Safe handling of large bales
  • Heavy duty construction for years of service
  • Easy, minimal maintenance
  • Customer service and parts through Kase
  • And all Kase Horticulture equipment is made in the USA
3561 Gobbler (Large Bale Processor) | Kase Conveyors
3561 Gobbler (Large Bale Processor) | Kase Conveyors


  • Uses any size bale up to 135 cu. ft.
  • Production rate: 75 cu. yd. per hour
  • Fluffer with gentle handling clod release
  • Hydraulic lift gate has separate electric release
  • Pallet may be removed after bale is in place
  • Gathering auger with center discharge chute
  • Automatic watering spray chamber
  • All motors have manual overload protection
  • Automation packages available


Model 3561 Gobbler – Large Bale Processor
Width 74″
Length 174″
Height 108″
Discharge 42″ clearance X 14″ wide
Power Requirements 230 V
Phase Type Single Phase (Three Phase Available)