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3400 Batch Soil Mixer

The Kase Mixers have an end discharge. The 2 and 4 yard models have a bolted replaceable bottom barrel, available in heavy duty abrasive resistant material.

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  • Special paddle agitator for gentle but thorough mixing action
  • Heavy duty construction for years of trouble free service
  • Standard spray apparatus for moistening soil in the mixer
  • Safety grate over the entire top with a splashguard
  • Drop out seals to protect end bearings

Special Features

  • Abrasive resistant paddles and bottoms available for the 2-Yard & 4-Yard mixers
  • Casters available for the 3/4, 1 1/4 and 2-Yard Mixers
  • Removable, replaceable bottoms on the 2-Yard & 4-Yard mixers
  • Adjustable legs on the 1 1/4 Yard & 2-Yard mixers


MODEL NO.340334133423/3423 HD3442/3442 HD
Soil Capacity3/4 cu. yard 1 1/4 cu. yard2 cu. yard4 cu. yard
Overall Height57"AdjustableAdjustable99"
Overall Length64"84"94"120"
Overall Width32"36"43"56"
Hopper Length54"72"78"96"
DischargeCenter Lift GateEnd Lift GateEnd Slide GateEnd Slide Gate
Discharge Height24"18" up to 36"23" up to 45"42"
Discharge TimeAppx. 2 MinutesAppx. 3 MinutesAppx. 3 MinutesAppx. 4 Minutes
Capacity3-4 cu. yds/hr6-8 cu. yds/hr12-16 cu. yds/hr24-32 cu. yds/hr
Drive1 1/2 HP TEFC5 HP TEFC7 1/2 HP TEFC20 HP TEFC
Electrical1 PH / 115 VAC1 PH / 230 VAC
Optional 3 Phase
1 PH / 230 VAC
Optional 3 Phase
3PH / 230 VAC
Optional 460 Volt
Tank Thickness12 Gauge10 Gauge10 Gauge / Opt. 3/16" PL Abrasive Resistant3/16" Plate / Cpt. 1/4" PL Abrasive Resistant
Shipping Weight590 lbs.1240 lbs.2200 lbs.3480 lbs.