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4100 Series Belt Conveyors - Package Handling

KASE Modular Belt Conveyors are built compact, durable and light in weight to use in a variety of applications for transporting different products from containers to bagged materials.

All of the supporting steel and the slider pan on our modular conveyors are below the conveying surface thus the belt can convey containers much wider than the belt. The structural slider pan is made from aircraft aluminum. All of the end take-ups and the head plates and motor mounts are fabricated from cold roll steel plate.

Slots in the side of the slider pan make it easy to adjust the tension on the conveying belt. These units are designed with a tracking V-guide on the belt operating in a center guide on the end rollers. This ensures smooth operation and low maintenance of these units.

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  • Modular design portable conveyor
  • Aluminum slider bed construction
  • Each unit complete with motor
  • Connect together for longer conveyor
  • Conveys horizontal or up an incline
  • Various accessories available
  • Great to load or unload truck
  • All belts are self-tracking with guide
  • Quick shut off switch on each unit
  • Belt width 10 in., Lengths 5 ft., 12ft. 3 in. & 20-1/2 ft.
  • 55 FPM Load Capacity Dist. 200 lb.
  • Constant or variable speed drive options
  • Designed to work as a single unit or in series

4100 series 15” Belt Widths:

  • KASE Model #4145 Modular Conveyor - 15" wide x 12ft 3" long
  • KASE Model #4165 Modular Conveyor - 15" wide x 20ft 0" long

4100 series 10” Belt Widths:

  • KASE Model #4114 Modular Conveyor - 10" wide x 5ft 3" long
  • KASE Model #4123 Modular Conveyor - 10" wide x 12ft 3" long
  • KASE Model #4126 Modular Conveyor - 10" wide x 20ft 0" long


Model Number 4114 4123 4126 4145 4165 Options Available
Belt Width 10"10"10"15"15"Stands
Forward & Reverse NOYESYESYESYESStands with Pneumatic Wheels
Length 5'-0"12'-3"20'-3"12'-3"20'-3"UHMW Bed Liners
Belt Speed 55 FPM55 FPM55 FPM55 FPM55 FPMVariable Speed
Load Capacity Dist. 100 lb.200 lb.200 lb.500 lb.500 lb.Forward and Reverse
Weight 80 lb.110 lb.160 lb.150 lb.220 lb.Mobile Driver
Field Carts
Side Rails
Divertor Bars

The conveyors are designed to operate independently or in series. The tail end of one unit saddles into the head end of the next unit. At that point you plug the power plug into the next unit for operation. On the reversible units, they also have a control plug to plug into the next unit. On the single direction units, when you either turn the first switch on or off, it controls the other units connected in the same assembly. On the reversible units, when all are connected together, you can control all of the units connected together from any switch box. This means you can start, stop or reverse directions of all of the units from any one location.

These units can be used without stands, placing them on the floor or they can be used with optional adjustable height head stands and tripods. The headstand plugs in to the head plates on the conveyor to stabilize the unit. If you set up a line, you would need a headstand for each unit with the tail end of the unit supported from the head end of the previous one. The first would need a tripod or to be supported from an existing piece of equipment, such as a flat filler.

Each conveyor is self-contained with a control box and a gear motor to operate either alone or connected together therefore making them modular units. This allows the operator the ability to use the number of conveyors as required for the job or on different applications at the same time depending on the quantity of conveyors available and the quantity used per application.

Variable Speed units are also available on these conveyors except they are only built in single direction, stand along units for safety reasons. These do not connect together.

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