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3561 Gobbler - Bale Processors

The KASE Model #3561 Gobbler, is designed for the 4ft square x 8'-0" tall bale of compressed mix or peat. It can also be used with the smaller bales. It is constructed with a hopper the full length of the inclined live bottom conveyor. This machine has a lift gate platform on the back of the machine which the tall bale is placed on either with a forklift of a pallet jack. The plastic is removed, then the lift gate platform is raised with hydraulic power to place the bale on to the inclined conveyor. At this point processing of the mix begins. When the entire bale is consumed, the pallet on which the bale was shipped on is removed from the machine.

Available in single phase 230ac as well as 3 phase 230ac and 460ac.

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  • Uses any size bale up to 110 cu. ft. and 135 cu. ft.
  • Pallet may be removed after bale is in place
  • Fluffer with gentle handling clod release
  • Hydraulic lift gate has separate electric release
  • Load with forklift or with pallet jack
  • Gathering auger with center discharge chute
  • Automatic watering spray chamber
  • All motors have manual overload protection
  • Discharge 42 in. clearance x 14 in. wide
  • Production Rate: 75 cu. yd. per hour possible of fluffed and moistened potting soil
  • Automation packages available


SpecModel 3561 Gobbler
Discharge42" clearance X 14" wide
Power Requirements230 V
Phase TypeSingle Phase (Three Phase Available)
Production Rate75 cu/yard per hour possible of fluffed and moistened potting soil

These machines are designed from the ground up for higher production growers. They are built of rugged heavy-duty construction for years of service for those growers who demand production rates and product quality unequaled to other methods of soil conditioning. These machines have a heavy-duty dual chain bar drag operating on an inclined slider bed to convey the mix into a gathering auger. An adjustable gate at the end of the drag controls the volume of the mix. The gathering auger moves the mix through a fluffer, which is constructed with high-speed polyurethane flapper blades. At this point of operation, moisture may be added at a rate to suit the growers needs. The moisture is added uniformly through out the mix. The mix is then discharged from the machine at a central point. These machines are self-contained with all TEFC motors and a NEMA rated control box. Basic control is start/stop switches for operating the machine, but automatic control may be added as an option with sensing devices to automate the line which may be integrated with other processing equipment. Capacity rating is approx 50 Yard per Hour.